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Mario Mantese grew up in a small town in Switzerland surrounded by mountains and lakes. He was already clairvoyant as a child and possessed the gift of healing. He was also fascinated with music and books of philosophy from a very young age. At the age of 13, he discovered his passion for the bass guitar, an instrument that would remain a close companion for the first chapter of his life. At 20 years of age, he encountered the American Soul-Funk band Heatwave. The group was touring through Switzerland and playing in a club near his home, when he learned that they were in search of a bass player. Without any hesitation or doubt, Mario joined the band and became its full-time bass player.

The group traveled extensively throughout Germany and later went on to England, where they had their major breakthrough. They soon captured the hit parade with famous songs such as Boogie Nights, Always and Forever, Groove Line, and many more. The group sold more than ten million albums and was nominated several times for Grammy Awards. One highpoint of Heat Wave’s career was its sold-out performance at Madison Square Garden in New York in front of twenty thousand enthusiastic roaring fans. At that time, he had no premonition of the enormous upheaval that lay ahead.

Still, he had been intimate with a very deep spiritual dimension throughout his early life. A mysterious force had touched him in his youth, a force which flooded his being and never left him. As a young man, he felt himself already embedded in an indescribable, primordial silence and was able to live securely within it.

The great transformation of his life occurred after a tragic incident in London. He was left clinically dead, in fact, and was outside his body for several minutes. After losing a great deal of blood, he was brought to a hospital where he underwent open-heart surgery, which lasted several hours. After the operation, he fell into a long coma. During his death-experience, he consciously experienced a journey. Guided by old forces of destiny, he traveled through multitudes of bright and dark worlds and dimensions. He describes this intense experience of unseen worlds vividly in his first book, Vision of Death.

After five weeks, he awoke from his coma and was immediately aware that he was completely blind and unable to speak. He was also paralyzed throughout his entire body, an incredible shock!

During his journey to the other world, which seemed to last for thousands of years, he became deeply aware that his life had never been dependent on the physical body. In his deepest being, he had also discovered immensely powerful hidden forces within the boundless spiritual universe, mystical powers which revealed themselves without the slightest effort. Thanks to these comprehensive insights into the spiritual flow of light, the light-rays and their virtues, he was ultimately capable of freeing himself from his miserable situation. He was perfectly healthy in the core of his being and was able to regain a great deal of physical health as well, which would later cause doctors and professors to label him ‘a living miracle’.

Because he was blind for one year, he learned to gaze inwardly. The bright radiance of a boundless, timeless dimension revealed itself to his motionless eyes. In the many months without any ability to speak, he experienced the valuable power of silence and remaining quiet. This deep silence embraced him and never let him go again. His being is silence itself. And the long period of being physically paralyzed had allowed him to know and manifest unwavering patience.

Truly, he became a new person, graced with an exceptional sensitivity imbuing all of his senses. The contrast between his fragile body and the radiant love which he emanates reveals a human being that lives completely in the world, but also one who is truly no longer from this world. One who encounters him is deeply touched.

For many years, he has been active as a spiritual teacher. At his gatherings in Switzerland, he welcomes guests from all over the world: people from various religions, cultures, and ethnic backgrounds. He shares his wisdom and insights in three languages: German, English, and French. And yet, what he offers to his fellow human beings is quite impossible to describe and much more than words.

He says: “One who is truly aware deep within at this all-encompassing moment of existence discovers infinite timelessness. One not only realizes the truth of one’s spiritual being, but also transforms the physical form that perceives and experiences this. One is much more than what one can conceive of, but also less than what one believes or imagines oneself to be!

May peace be with you.”

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